Thursday, September 27, 2007

Zeptember milestones in concert ticket demand

This is the second part of the newsletter edition published Sept. 27, 2007, exactly 24 years after the first live performance of "Stairway to Heaven" by any member of Led Zeppelin since the band's breakup. This second part concentrates first on the sale of tickets to a Led Zeppelin tour in 1980 that would have included "Stairway to Heaven" and to a one-off reunion concert at the end of 2007 that did end up including a live performance of "Stairway to Heaven."

During this week in 1980, Led Zeppelin was preparing for a North American concert tour for which tickets were about to go on sale and were reportedly in high demand. For many folks who were just turned on to the band or had finally convinced their parents they were old enough to go to a concert, the set of proposed dates beginning Oct. 17 in Montreal would have provided a first opportunity for many fans to see Led Zeppelin live. Unfortunately, the week didn't end with the same plans intact, as a hardcore night of drinking on a Wednesday night took the life of John Bonham and ended for good Led Zeppelin as fans knew it.

Twenty-seven whole years later, the chance of seeing Page, Plant and John Paul Jones perform together – this time with Jason Bonham on drums – is real again. The biggest story in music this past week, aside from an embarrassing televised dance by Britney "Oops" Spears, has been the Led Zeppelin reunion concert set to take place Nov. 26 in London.

The four are reported to have rehearsed eight times in a secret studio in London, readying a two-hour set that will include some material played in lower keys. More than a million fans have registered their names and contact information with an official Web site in hopes that they will be contacted about buying tickets for the event. Excitement today is definitely the highest it's been in 27 years, even if it is for a one-off show that will be attended by no more than 20,000 people and may not even be broadcast or recorded.

Bill Wyman and Jimmy Page both played at the ARMS concert benefits in London described in the first part of today's newsletter, and they're both scheduled to play this November at the Led Zeppelin reunion concert, another benefit in London. Isn't it nice sometimes when history repeats itself? Here's another instance where I hope history will repeat itself.

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