Wednesday, October 10, 2007

High ticket demand in London: Bringing it up to date

This is the second part of the "On This Day In Led Zeppelin History" edition published Oct. 10, 2007. The first part concentrated on alterations to a planned London screening of Led Zeppelin's film in 1976 necessitated by high demand for tickets. This second part notes some instances of history repeating itself 31 years later.

This news is appropriate 31 years later because high ticket demand for another Led Zeppelin event in London has likewise prompted organizers to take unexpected actions.

The occasion this year is a planned concert reunion of Led Zeppelin's members at the O2 arena on Nov. 26. Millions of people around the world have reportedly attempted to acquire tickets to this performance, which is said to be a one-off event not to be repeated. Secondary ticket sales prompted a response from promoter Harvey Goldsmith regarding who will and will not be admitted to the concert.

All of these recent events have been detailed as they unfolded at Lemon Squeezings: Led Zeppelin News, the global Led Zeppelin fan community's online news source.

This anniversary also recalls a rare instance when the group raided fans' living rooms and the debut of Led Zeppelin's only feature film. The Song Remains the Same is a piece of history that has never been forgotten but has seldom been improved. Reissues of the film and its soundtrack are to be released for home consumption one week before the concert -- in the United Kingdom on Monday, Nov. 19, and in the United States on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

For more information about these reissues and other news about Led Zeppelin, please bookmark and check back often.

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