Monday, December 14, 2009

Achilles' return

On this day in 1976, Led Zeppelin was preparing for an upcoming world tour.

The group hadn't played any concerts all year long thanks to the near-fatal auto accident of singer Robert Plant some months before. Instead of taking the year off, Led Zeppelin completed work on the film The Song Remains the Same and then released it late in the year.

Thanks to the film, worldwide audiences had a taste of some live Led Zeppelin, with better glimpses of the band than ever before. Ready for another round of some live Led Zeppelin, the band was booking a large North American tour for early in the following year.

One of the new songs that would carry over to the next tour was the epic track "Achilles Last Stand," which Robert Plant named after the mythological character whose immortality was disproved when an arrow struck his heel. Plant had figured he'd already once escaped death and transcended the plight of Achilles.

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