Monday, December 7, 2009

Light of the love that I've found

On this day in 1979, Led Zeppelin released the song "Fool in the Rain" as a single for the U.S. market. With a playing time of six minutes and eight seconds on the A-side, "Fool in the Rain" had to be released as a seven-inch single, but DJs had a promotional edit of the song that lasted only three minutes and 20 seconds.

The single showcased Led Zeppelin's musical diversity as the B-side was the country-inspired "Hot Dog" and the A-side was directly inspired by the South American samba music that fans of World Cup soccer would have heard on TV the year before. The members of Led Zeppelin knew because they were soccer fans, and they wanted to imitate that sound.

"Fool in the Rain" also features a long guitar solo from Jimmy Page using an octavizer effect and playing in the C major scale. The single charted in the U.S., becoming Led Zeppelin's sixth Top 40 hit and peaking at No. 21 in the Billboard Hot 100.

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