Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zep's fifth member checks out

On this day in 1995, Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant died from a heart attack. The 60-year-old was in a car with his son when he suffered from a fatal heart attack.

Many considered Peter Grant to be the fifth member of Led Zeppelin, among them author Chris Welch, who closely followed the band while he was a music journalist for the Melody Maker. In a 2009 interview for the U.S. radio show "Get the Led Out," Welch said:
"Peter Grant was the fifth member of the band in the sense that he traveled with them everywhere. There was a very small team behind Zeppelin. They didn't have many people with them. Most bands nowadays have a huge entourage of hangers-on, assistants and technicians, and ... In Zeppelin's case, it was just them and Peter Grant really. It was just the band."

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  1. They also had a few thugs as well. And what about Richard Cole? I'm a huge Zep fan. Their music is fresher than the whole decade of the 80's and 90's. Can't wait for a rock revival. There doesn't seem to be a mainstream frontman to sway the girls back to wanting to buy rock music and sway the boys to be like that missing frontman. if and when that happens, I expect a resurgence. Plus, rock music today is just ok. There is nothing that hooks you in. It is heavy chords, and heavy vocals tending to all sound the same. Where are the young up and coming Daltrey's, Plant's, and Mercury's. Maybe they will bubble up to the surface. At least I hope so.


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